alias golf shoes rock!

posted by the scholar on June 18th, 2007
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alias golf shoes are so comfortable! i got these shoes the day before i was to play, so i was a little wary about them, thinking that i had to break them in a bit first before i actually played in them. not necessary — these shoes were 100% comfortable, immediately! i totally could have not worn any socks and they would have been just as good. great heel and arch support, and super cushy ankle padding. a good true to size fit as well (see below).

tiger_woods_07.jpgi had spent an hour in sports authority the week before, and had finally settled on a pair of nike shoes. after i played in those, i had approximately 5 blisters and could barely walk. maybe they’re good enough for tiger, but not for me. i can’t believe i managed to play in them. got rid of those right after that. i had heard that the nike golf shoes weren’t that great, but didn’t heed the warnings and suffered for it…

bite_sandal.jpganyway, these (and my bite sandals) are the best golf shoes for my big, aircraft-carrier wide foot. buy these and many other styles here. knowing how these fit, i would say that they are true to size, as i was a bit overzealous in my quest for comfort, bought a size too large, and now have the unfortunate charge of sloshing around the area now in shoes that are a tad too big. oh well. i guess there’s always eBay.

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