life imitates art on hell’s kitchen

posted by the scholar on June 21st, 2007
filed under: food, humor

ok, i am not ashamed to admit to you that i have a self-appointed doctorate in reality television studies. even if i’m not watching a particular program, i still seem to know what’s happening on it. maybe it’s an offshoot of my pop culture addiction?


anyway, i just watched this week’s hell’s kitchen episode that i tivoed from yesterday. when i saw jen the pastry chef pick spaghetti out of the garbage and put it back into the hot water, to serve it to the guests in the restaurant, the first thing i thought of was jason alexander, as seinfeld‘s beloved george costanza, eating that eclair out of the trash in the episode entitled “the gymnast” in 1994!


maybe gordon ramsay might go pee in one of the booths next week, like poppie in “the couch” episode?

the lines, they are blurry.

and oh, by the way, that pastry chef is off my catering list now.

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