streaming wine country odyssey thoughts

posted by the scholar on June 28th, 2007
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so last night i stumbled across a blog about a dude who is hiking through california wine country. very cool.

melinda_doolittlethen this morning, i was thinking about melinda doolittle. whatever happened to that fresh-faced turtlehead who can really wail from american idol? seriously, she is awesome, even though she has no neck. she sounds just like gladys knight to me. i totally wanted her to win, and she didn’t even make it to the finals because of that technoturd, blake lewis. i wasn’t one of those stringy-haired, concert-tee-wearing, slouchy-skinny, classic rock-metal chicks back in the day, but even i cringed when he did his version of “livin’ on a prayer.” he has interesting musical stylings, but they have nothing to do with singing.

anyway, i digress.

cabernet_grape_pieso i’m thinking about melinda and then gladys comes on the radio and it’s “i heard it through the grapevine.” and that made me think of that blog i just mentioned, and that place that sells those cabernet grape pies that i saw on that food network tv show called road tasted with paula deen’s sons. i have heard tell that she really works those boys hard. they look like they can manage, though.

i’m doing it again.


wine country reviews and photos coming soon.

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2 Responses to “streaming wine country odyssey thoughts”

  1. winehiker Says:

    Hey, thanks for the tip o’ the hat, scholar. Your readers may be interested to know that I’ve spent years hiking these California trails and tasting ever-better California wines. You get to experience both on my guided winehiking tours! Imagine: incredible, scenic trails and top-notch wines, too, along with gourmet food and great camaraderie.

    It’s a healthy pursuit, and I love sharing the best of the California wine country experience with wine and nature lovers from all walks of life.

  2. the scholar Says:

    my pleasure winehiker, my pleasure. i just blew my wad out there a few weeks ago. what a wonderful place to be! i hope you’re having the time of your life out there!

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