best hair cream – philip b or bumble & bumble?

posted by the scholar on June 29th, 2007
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ewww. greasy hair? but i just washed it this morning! what the deuce did i do that would make it so… oh. wait a minute.

it’s all coming back to me now, celine.

philip_b_hair_cremeit’s that philip b. lovin’ leave-in revitalizing leave-in conditioning creme! and i only used a teeny dab of it, i swear. stupid hair cream. the redundancy in the name alone should have been the first clue to stay far away. the problem is, it smells good. like fruits and chamomile. it’s got lots of good ingredients in it, like soy protein and aloe. and it really thickened my air-dryed hair and gave it a bit of hold. damn you, free sephora samples from two years ago! now what am i gonna do?

bumble_and_bumble_hair_cremeenter an old friend, stage right. i’ve gotten a few haircuts at bumble & bumble in new york, and have always been soothed aftwerwards. at times i felt like a before-and-after-an-oprah-makeover, so pleased was i. they have a similar product, their grooming creme, and it is much easier on my hair. it has no scent, but it has great ingredients like avocado and sweet almond oils. when i put that same teeny dab through my hair, it provides texture and a satiny sheen, without feeling greasy. thanks Bb!

buy one, both, or something completely different right here.

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