evensong spa’s indoor labyrinth

posted by the scholar on June 29th, 2007
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oz_dead_man_talkinghbo’s highly esteemed drama series, oz, had already jumped the shark when the staff of the prison had the labyrinth installed, but it still was cool. i don’t care what anyone says, i liked the musical episode! oh, how i miss the brutally sociopathic characters, the razor-edged writing and the urgently delicious, need-to-take-a-bath feeling after watching each hair-raising episode. good times.

i’m pretty sure that the fictional prisoners on the program could never quiet their minds as deeply as the guests at the evensong spa, in green lake, wisconsin, can.


evensong is set on 38 heavily wooded acres, and is housed in a building that pays homage to favorite midwestern son, frank lloyd wright: roof overhangs, horizontal lines, clerestory windows, et. al.

while playing within the 15,000 square foot building, you’re bound to discover their indoor labyrinth.


walking the labyrinth represents making a spiritual journey, and is a powerful tool for transformation.

evensong_spa_loungethis contemplative meandering, combined with a few choice body treatments, makes it nearly impossible not to become enveloped in an cloud of relaxation. here, i don’t think you’ll find honking horns, rude people flipping the bird, traffic-halting construction projects, missed trains, long lines, stinking exhaust fumes, or any of the other fundamental urban elements that make city dwelling a occasional burden. even if you did, for sake of argument, would you even care, if you were taking a botanical body journey to an herbal steam room, followed by a cranberry herbal salt body glow, aromatic hot towel treatment, smoothing clay mask, heated blanket wrap, and an application of natural cranberry shea butter body balm?

i think not.


the spa emphasizes balance and healing for body and mind. peep on their menu and make your rezzies here.

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  1. lil Says:

    do you know which season and the number of episode was that of oz labyrinth?

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