cool photography by chema madoz

posted by the scholar on July 2nd, 2007
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i stumbled upon the clever photography of chema madoz on a blog last week, and now i think i’m obsessed. thanks a lot,!


this spanish artist has achieved critical acclaim by photographing everyday objects in alternate contexts and combinations. 


he was born in madrid, studied there, and collected and exhibited internationally.


his work is witty, crisp and surreal. just how i like it.


 click here to check out his other work, and to purchase.

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12 Responses to “cool photography by chema madoz”

  1. pstrauss Says:

    i actually thing those grassy slippers look comfortable. can i have a pair?

  2. Mariam Says:

    oh yea, he came to egypt for photo exhibition and he showed us some great photos.

  3. the scholar Says:

    i will buy you a pair for your birthday, okay?

  4. the scholar Says:

    mariam, that is so cool! i hope he does an exhibit in chicago soon. i would love to hear him speak about his work.

  5. ben Says:

    yeah, fantastic!! i want the slippers too!

  6. the scholar Says:

    those slippers are COOL, aren’t they??

  7. Bree Says:

    Hey pretty cool stuff, ilove how simple objects have been used to create fantastic art.

  8. the scholar Says:

    hi bree,

    glad you enjoy it too!

    thanks for stopping by!

  9. Ryoga Says:

    Sin duda uno de los mejores fotógrafos que tenemos en España…

  10. the scholar Says:

    hola ryoga,

    convengo totalmente! mismo el special su colección está.

  11. tom Says:

    anyone know the name of this piece thanks

  12. nailene Says:

    […] Sources:, […]

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