east beach cafe by thomas heatherwick

posted by the scholar on July 4th, 2007
filed under: design, food, interiors & exteriors

behold, the 60 seat east beach cafe on the south coast of england in littlehampton!


designed by the boldly adroit thomas heatherwick of heatherwick studio, the simultaneously industrial and organic building has a slender footprint, and is sliced into sculptural steel “ribbons,” which wrap up and over itself.


the gorgeous views are showcased in the front of the building through glass doors and windows, which open to the sea.


the building’s shell is finished with an oil-based coating that allows a patina to come through, while still protecting its structural purpose.


peruse the menu and make reservations here.

via designspotter

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2 Responses to “east beach cafe by thomas heatherwick”

  1. paula Says:

    this is fantastic!!!!!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi paula,

    isn’t it great? i totally want to go there and see it in person!

    nice to see you!

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