fun plant peeping with the plantarium garden lab

posted by the scholar on July 8th, 2007
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check it: the nifty plantarium garden lab allows you to see all stages of plant development, starting from seed!


nasa scientists collaborated to create a beautiful and nutritive transparent gel that allows you to watch plant growth from above and below the surface.

once the plants reach the top of their teensy (4.75″ h x 1.75″ w x 1″ d) respective plantariums, they can be transplanted into larger pots, and continue to grow.

the kit includes basil, cucumber, and tomato seeds, three plastic greenhouses, each with a different colored gel, and little mini pots with peat pellets for transplant.

great for kids (and adults!) age 6 and up.

manufactured by globus international, you can find it at fat brain toys.

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