sturdy wooden e15 cabinets leave no trace

posted by the scholar on July 16th, 2007
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i’m wild about furniture that doesn’t have a footprint, so these gorgeous floating cabinets are my cup of tea.


crafted by german architect/designer philipp mainzer for e15, these simple cases are made from richly detailed wood planks and are available in two styles:


the mahnaz with two horizontal drawers;


and, the shahnaz with two square doors.

the lack of footprint isn’t the only thing going for these substantial pieces — they also share the same dimensions, perfect for creating a seamless wall arrangement!

if that isn’t enough, they also do a bathroom vanity:


it all makes sense to me that i like these pieces now; i was this close to buying that big sur table from crate and barrel, which looks strangely identical to e15’s bigfoot:


i have better taste than i thought.

available in solid oak or walnut.

more e15 info and samplings here.

purchase their products at nest.

via trendir

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3 Responses to “sturdy wooden e15 cabinets leave no trace”

  1. technabob Says:

    ok, those floating cabinets are super-cool. i wonder if you secured them really well if you could put a flat-panel tv on top and the a/v gear inside?

  2. the scholar Says:

    well, according to the nest store, the boards have a solid body density of 20mm, and the dimensions are L: 900mm x D: 450mm x H: 450mm.

    now you just have to convert that, and you will have an answer…

  3. anna winch Says:

    would you make a cabniet for me and send it to australia

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