leggy roof tile sconce from wisteria

posted by the scholar on July 17th, 2007
filed under: clay, home accessories

see this candle sconce? it’s made from old clay roof tiles from the pyrenees, in the 1860’s.


the coolest thing about these sconces (besides having rustic charm of course) is the way they were made. female workers created the distinctive tapered shape by folding sheets of clay over their thighs, so as thigh size varied, so did the tiles.

available through wisteria.

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5 Responses to “leggy roof tile sconce from wisteria”

  1. Elizabeth Says:


  2. the scholar Says:

    hi elizabeth,

    i quite agree!

  3. MichaelG Says:

    Are these wall sconces available anywhere?

  4. the scholar Says:

    hi michael,

    it looks like they are sold out at wisteria now. i think your best move would be to call the company and see if they are coming in again.

  5. Angela G Says:

    I bought three of these when I lived in Germany, another company sold them there. Exactly the same item. Just beautiful!

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