the surprising sea ranch chapel

posted by the scholar on July 17th, 2007
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i passed by this place twice before i realized it was there, right next to the fire station on highway one. the strangely enchanting post-modern looking building, with a hermit-crab-like elevation, aka, the sea ranch chapel.


it was built in 1985, and james t. hubbell, a san diego artist and architect, received an award from the aia for it. it was envisioned and funded by robert and betty buffum, a local couple, who also created an endowment for its present-day maintenance.


hubbell’s team had a goal: to create a structure harmonious with its surroundings, by paying homage to the forest, meadow, and sky. the result is one of unique beauty.


the chapel walls are constructed from local stone, and teak and redwood abound throughout the building.


a graceful plaster roof crowns the interior space.


the cedar roof is accented with copper.


ornate metalwork is on display throughout the room.


the focus of the garden area is a ceramic fountain with italian mosaic accents.


stained glass windows echo the natural shapes of the sea and forest.

it is a very special find indeed.

click here for more information on the architects, and here for more chapel information.

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