retro modern cathy terepocki ceramics

posted by the scholar on July 21st, 2007
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i was reading about a cool new shop in b.c., that’s tucked into an airstream trailer, on a certain marvelous design blog, and saw these fun ceramics by canadian artist cathy terepocki, one of the shop owners.


cathy enjoys seeking out vintage objects and themes to incorporate into her craft.


she uses a medium fire porcelain and silkscreens her images and text.


i love the retro shapes, colors, and of course the humor in her pieces.

for more of cathy’s work and to contact, click here.

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4 Responses to “retro modern cathy terepocki ceramics”

  1. christina Says:

    These are so me. I always say if held your ear to my heart you would hear the ocean. Wonderful finds. 🙂

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi christina,

    those plates are a riot, aren’t they? if i ever did a shop again i would totally put those in it!

  3. Chanya Says:

    Love your site! And I adore those ceramic plates, they’re wonderfully unique, as are all art pieces you highlight on your site. I’ll be visiting often.

  4. the scholar Says:

    hi chanya,

    thank you so much for the compliments — they are very encouraging! i’m so glad you are enjoying everything!

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