fun vintage cookbook art by lou peters

posted by the scholar on August 10th, 2007
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if you have looked at more than one post here in this space, you probably know that my tastes run pretty eclectic. as much as i enjoy modern and contemporary art and craft, i’m also a big fan of mid-century style, so i was grinning ear to ear when i saw these great vintage cookbook illustrations on ward jenkins’ fun blog.






every time i look at drawings from this period, i totally imagine that i’m one of the people in them. everyone looks so cheery and carefree — especially that girl in the green dress sipping a sweet tea!

more of lou’s artwork on ward’s flickr photostream.

dig deep into the interweb, and you might just find the original cookbooks for sale.

via drawn!

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One Response to “fun vintage cookbook art by lou peters”

  1. Maureen Says:

    Nice to see someone else enjoys Lou Brock’s illustrations from the Culinary Arts Institute Cookbooks from the 40’s and 50’s. I have several boxes full of the original illustrations-copies of most of the cookbooks and NO IDEA WHO HE WAS/IS. Every so often I open the box, look at them and wonder what to do with all these pretty little drawings and watercolors from all the artists that created them!!!

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