astonishing azalea wood chair

posted by the scholar on August 11th, 2007
filed under: art, design, home accessories, wood

feast your eyes on this stunning azalea wood chair!


some varieties of azalea plants have beautiful contoured branches, and are frequently used to keep orchids upright in their pots. their flowers and leaves (really the plants in general) are typically smaller than their rhododendron cousins, so by looking at the thickness of the branches, you can only imagine how large these shrubs must have been.

sculptural, commanding and truly extraordinary. 

they’re already sold out at wisteria, but hopefully they’ll be able to procure just a few more… 

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24 Responses to “astonishing azalea wood chair”

  1. technabob Says:

    hey! someone left their tree in my living room!

  2. the scholar Says:

    if someone left that in my living room, i would be pretty pleased!

  3. sosser Says:

    stunningly rustic, but i am a little fearful that if i sat there it would come to life and swallow me whole.

    and thanks for adding me to your blogroll good buddy!

  4. GeekAlerts Says:

    Looks awesome, kind of Lord of the Ringsish.

  5. Jackal Says:

    That is incredible.

  6. the scholar Says:

    my pleasure sosser pal. i suppose it does look a tad formidable!

  7. the scholar Says:

    hi geekalerts,

    yeppers, i think it is LOTRish too — good call!

  8. the scholar Says:

    hi jackal,

    to quote meat loaf, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    thanks for the comment! 🙂

  9. Lady Banana Says:

    Stunning, but I wonder would it be comfortable to sit on??

  10. the scholar Says:

    hi lady,

    thanks for the comment! you have a good point. the dimensions are 22″w x21″d x37″h, so it seems to be a generous size.

    i suppose it would be similar to sitting on a log in the forest? hmmm…

  11. E Says:

    It looks more like art than an actual piece of usable furniture, it doesnt look very comfy at all. =/

  12. the scholar Says:

    hi e,

    thanks for the visit!

    i do see your point. i am picturing this at a writing desk or in a place in the home where long conversations are not going to be had, so it might work in those applications comfort-wise. i suppose putting a big cushion on the seat will take away from the pleasing aesthetics too… but i suppose also that it isn’t the seat so much as it is the pitch of the chair back…hmmm…

  13. marty kendall Says:

    ai feel this is the nicest piece of creativity I have seen in a good long while. I would like to have some way of contacting this obviously very gifted artist personally for professional reasons!

  14. the scholar Says:

    hi marty,

    since wisteria doesn’t list an artist name for this piece, i think you may have to dig pretty deep in order to figure out who it is…

    thanks for the visit!

  15. kim Says:

    did you find that talented artists? do share your findings if so. thnx

  16. the scholar Says:

    hi kim,

    i wish i knew the name of this artist. he/she does wonderful work!

    thanks for the comment!

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  24. r. veal Says:

    this chair is the real thing. mine is beautiful and the weight is the heavist that i have ever picked up. i don-t actually know the weight but i may have it weighed. thanks wisteria for this rare product.

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