kohler personal pedicure spa

posted by the scholar on August 21st, 2007
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here’s the perfect product for you impossibly rich, agoraphobic spa lovers out there: the pedicure spa from kohler, featuring teak client chaise, rolling technician chair, and deep cast iron footbath with three whirlpool jets and interior foot massagers.



okay, maybe you don’t have to put it in your house, but for the record i’ve been to waters at the american club, and i don’t remember it quite like this.

$14K on the kohler website – slate or marble surround not included.

via trendir

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5 Responses to “kohler personal pedicure spa”

  1. technabob Says:

    for $14k, it should come with a spa technician to actually do your pedicure.

  2. the scholar Says:

    tee hee — i think for $14K, it should scrub your feet for you… 🙂

  3. Polsk inspireret designpost | Webmercial Says:

    […] Spa til fødderne […]

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  5. le saout Says:

    pouvez vous me contacter pour tarif pedispa

    le saout

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