bulletproof rose brooch

posted by the scholar on August 29th, 2007
filed under: design, personal accessories

if james bond and wonder woman had a baby, i think it would be canadian conceptual artist tobias wong. here is his kevlar brooch, sweetly styled as a petaled flower, in slightly intimidating black:


this beats a water-squirting one anyday.

i love how he’s manipulated the tough, seemingly stiff material into a pin someone would wear on their winter coat. it’s a profoundly impressive achievement for someone who says he doesn’t necessarily want to make art or design. he’s also a tad skittish about “preciousness” and “uniqueness,” which is why he favors the idea of design more than art.

non-updated website with other fascinating items from tobi right here.

the pin is available at the cooper-hewitt shop.

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2 Responses to “bulletproof rose brooch”

  1. technabob Says:

    now if he covered an entire vest with these, he’d have something.

  2. the scholar Says:

    don’t you think your mom would like this for her birthday? :O

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