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zippy, amusing illustrations by blake hunter

i’m really happy to show you a glimpse into the world of minnesota artist blake himsl hunter. blake took easily to pencils and crayons as a child, and, supported by his family, grew his love of art into a career as an instructor at a certain famous school — you know, the one with the turtle and the pirate on the tv commercial? he works in a variety of media, including acrylics, pen and ink, and digital. his immense portfolio, the springboard for his new illustration business, had me grinning from ear to ear. have a look:



retro rockabilly gocco prints


the monster a week series (yikes! a consultant!) with markers and pencil on post-it notes



moleskine sketches with brush pen



colorful fun with markers and digital

blake is inspired by all kinds of people: german expressionist artists like max beckmann, contemporary illustrators and cartoonists like von glitschka and john kricfalusi; and, (maybe most of all?) his lovely wife kristen (who happens to be a pretty zesty crafter – her embroidered towels are making me nuts)!

the pulpy gocco prints are currently in a show at altered aesthetics until august 30th (hurry!). see more works and find out more info about blake on his blog, flickr sets and etsy shop (where more new goccos are coming soon – yay)!

artistic geometry in shelving

graceful shelving and storage, whether in use or left bare:


wall mounted skulptur shelf in oak by karin mannerstal, from personal interior design


shaped hardwood console with coffee stain, via betterlivingthroughdesign


triplet shelf from derin design, at personal interior design


sendai shelf of black walnut, alder wood and stainless or glass by toyo ito, at the conran shop

cool polar furniture by pearson and lloyd

check out this smoothly organic polar collection of furniture, from british designers luke pearson and tom lloyd. their goal was to create simple, timeless shapes that appear like fragments of icebergs rising up from the floor.





the sofa has a wood frame, and can be reconfigured to create six different seating arrangements. the trio of tables are plywood wrapped in leather, and the single table is wood and glass. the stool/side table is made from polypropelene.

all pieces are manufactured by tacchini.

way too cool.

more of pearson and lloyd’s slick work here.

via bonluxat.

smart salt and pepper shakers by j. schatz

new york artist jim schatz, a wizard of all organically-shaped home items, now has these intelligent, oversized, childhood game-piece-looking salt and peppers to compliment the rest of his collection. what makes them so smart? well, the salt shaker is larger than the pepper – 26 oz and 8.75 oz, respectively. and they have a 2″ fill hole on the bottom, so you don’t have to use the funnel. doesn’t it all make sense now?



bonus: the shakers come in 8 delicious mix and match colors.

the guy can do no wrong i tell you!

see everything here.

nonshedding pet pillows

enjoy the dog days of summer with these fun pieces by new york illustrator aaron stewart for his company, pillow pillow pillow. aaron is inspired by his beloved pooch scooter, a collection of new and vintage toys, and cartoons.




nice to see they’re not anti-cat!

more styles and info about aaron here.

purchase them at elsewares.

super cutie pie cookies

i think these cutie pie couture cookies, like everything else that talented textile and graphic designer joy cho has created, are simply fabulous. can you imagine having these at a bridal or baby shower, let alone eating them?



joy cho made a mark on the design world while designing textiles for cynthia rowley’s swell line at target. she now has her own studio which offers design consultation, branding and packaging. she also has a stationery company.

cutie pie cookie company’s vanilla sugar cookies are handmade with real butter. they welcome custom orders, offer delivery in manhattan and shipping elsewhere.


whimsical ceramics by nancy gardner

feast your eyes on these fabulous handbuilt and painted earthenware pieces by illinois artists (and husband-and-wife team) nancy gardner and burt isenstein. i knew nancy and burt since we sold their things at the shop years ago, but after we closed, i lost track of them. imagine my surprise and delight to discover them at the bucktown arts festival this past weekend!





nancy and burt are inspired by the history of decorative arts, global cultures, vintage paintings, fabric patterns and dishware. they use a pinch and coil method to create their pieces, and purposely underwork the clay for their signature look. each piece is formed, decorated with underglazes, covered with a final glaze and clearly one of a kind!




having seen (and sold out of!) nancy and burt’s prior collections, i can honestly say i am thrilled by the artistic evolution i am seeing. the consistently charming, handmade quality and energy in these pieces has been enhanced even more by the outstanding paint details in the current collection. to me, the work tells a enveloping, inspiring, complete story.

it is that kind of painstaking, loving attention to detail that sets their work apart from so many others in the same medium. and the cherry on the cake is that the pieces are functional as well as beautiful.

when they aren’t in their studio, nancy and burt sell their wares at select retail fairs around the country.

(please) go to their website for other designs, show schedule and contact info!

stone buddha garden art

i wish my yard was big enough to fit this gorgeous sculpture! it’s made of cast stone and aggregates with a steel frame, and is meant to look like a fragment of a much larger sculpture. some of the components will age more quickly than others, adding even more poetic character.


it’s a substantial 36″ l x 24″ w x 9″ d and weighs 60 lb.

purchase it at dharmacrafts.

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