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art designs and installations by sam baron

please enjoy these forward ceramic pieces and interactive mixed media installations by dynamic french designer sam baron. sam enjoys working in clay (although is not limited to it) because it’s a very human material that offers lots of creative possibilities and dimension.

sam_baron phonesam_baron_boombox






sam studied at the ecole des beaux-arts in saint etienne, and later at the ecole nationale des arts décoratifs in paris. not simply an artist, he is also a freelance designer for companies like baccarat, debeers and ligne roset. his objects can be found in the cooper hewitt museum and mudam collections.




sam is currently design director for fabrica, an experimental art collective which is funded by benetton and based in italy. the installations blur the line between the world of art and the world of commercialism, and encourage thought and discourse. they are showcased in their network of commercial and cultural spaces, located in bologna, montecatini, lisbon, hong kong and istanbul.

fabrica’s latest idea is you are here, a traveling art exhibition/retail shop featuring a selection of ceramics, stationery and bags, designed for an creative-minded audience. this show is currently at beyond the valley in london.


see sam’s blog for more photos and info, and be sure to contact him if you know of a shop or gallery in the us or canada that would be interested in the traveling shop!

best of the 2007 bucktown arts fest

the 22nd annual bucktown arts festival is being held this weekend, and it’s well known locally for having great talent in all media. here’s a small sampling of some of the best i saw today:


original photography by denise keim



sterling jewelry by anne vahcic for hop, skip jump


acrylic paintings by john stillmunks


hand pulled silkscreen art by hiroshi ariyama


soda-fired ceramics by julie rozman


original photography by yvette marie dostatni



copper, silver and enamel jewelry and accessories by mary laskey

there was plenty more than what you’ve just seen, so if you’re local, head over there sunday and see it all for yourself!

(another) stylish load of whites

i’m not sure if it’s the summer season or if i’m going into a new thing, but for some reason, i can’t take my eyes off of white right now. it may be because i can never keep it clean and consider it a luxury in any way, shape or form…


the ela calculator from theo williams, via geekalerts


white jade, quartz and pearl bracelet at theatelier’s etsy shop


peep show wallpaper (ok, maybe it’s off-white) by gijs bakker (a founder of droog design!), via cribcandy


frost watch, via betterlivingthroughdesign


lemon myrtle, lavender, white chocolate and vanilla bianca cocoa from vosges


handmade white owl ceramic soap dish from fruitflypie’s dawanda shop

crisp, clean and delightful!




reusable produce bags

i loathe the idea of having to use those plastic bags for all your different fruits and vegetables, and whenever possible, just place these items loose in my shopping cart. sometimes you just can’t do that though, especially during the bounty of the summer eating season! now is the precise time to use these earth-friendly produce bags.



they’re made of durable, washable organic cotton and are generously sized (the top photo shows ten bags of apples!), and are priced at $14 for a set of 4 pieces — two large bags and two smaller perforated ones.

purchase them at delight.

knit scarves from victoria jackman

i love the sculptural quality of the knit work from uk textile artist victoria jackman. it truly is an inspired tactile reminder of the textures and colors in the scottish highlands, with both traditional and handmade flair.

victoria_jackman_caithness_coast victoria_jackman_caithness_coast_2


victoria_jackman_winter_solstice victoria_jackman_winter_solstice_2

victoria_jackman_valtos victoria_jackman_valtos_2

vikki uses a combination of hand techniques on a machine. her carefully chosen wool, silk and cotton yarns complement her natural, uniquely personal themes.

see more styles and purchase them here and there.

intense toyme jewelry

very edgy jewelry from toyme of italy, whose chief designer, georgo phillip pecenikov (gogo) comes from a long line of traditional jewelry makers. all pieces are cast from silver and are plated with rhodium, gold and other metals, for long-lasting shine.






i think i like the space invaders rings the best because they’re the most benign…

check out other pieces in the line and purchase it at a + r.

via betterlivingthroughdesign

super fun lunchbags by stephen savage

look at these fun insulated lunchbags, designed by new york illustrator stephen savage. aren’t they cute?




besides making these munchlers, stephen is an award-winning children’s book author. he also creates illustrations for numerous publications, including the new york times.

they begin shipping on august 31 at built, so hurry!

via drawn!

cool niche modern glass lighting

i realize these have been mentioned in cyberspace before, but i am still surprised and amazed by these simple, stunning pendant lamps from husband and wife team jeremy pyles and mary welch, for their company niche modern of new york. there is a wonderful versatility in their minimal, clean lined pieces, and the use of low-wattage edison bulbs give the modern silhouettes a balanced, retro modern feel. niche believes that the best design is found in fusing classic contrasts together: light and darkness, strength and delicacy, edge and elegance. a thoughtful variety of shape and color choices within the line makes it all the more satisfying. check out some of the newest pieces in the 2007 collection:







they aptly descibe their product line as “finessed but never fussy.” i couldn’t agree more.

more fabulous styles and info on their website.

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