2nd glimpse – renegade craft fair chicago!

posted by the scholar on September 17th, 2007
filed under: art, clay, design, home accessories, illustration, metal, paper, personal accessories

more wonderful things from this weekend’s renegade craft fair in chicago:



sterling and resin belt buckles and jewelry from kurt van maarth’s swear jar design



fantastic silkscreen prints from montreal artist isabelle guimond’s sweet grognasse (who will also have an exhibition of her paintings at the allrise gallery here beginning september 21st)



screenprinted stationery and accessories from tennessee artist meg hunter-parrish’s paperbat




gorgeous bags and from chicago artist maria cicarelli’s kuketa



fun baby and home things from nikku design



organic sterling jewelry from massachusetts husband and wife artists rhonda and elijah wyman’s figs and ginger


mixed media pieces from michigan artist cat’s deadbird


intriguing prints from ashley alexander’s i’m smitten

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6 Responses to “2nd glimpse – renegade craft fair chicago!”

  1. Carson Says:

    Once again coming through with the good stuff Gigi 🙂

    Thank you especially for the I’m Smitten link: such weird surreal whimsy, I love it

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi carson,

    thanks for the comment! i’m glad you like i’m smitten — the prints she had up in the booth at the fair were large squares that took up one wall, and i just stood there with my mouth hanging open, staring (and the booth was so crowded i couldn’t really snap it with my camera!).

    very cool stuff indeed.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Great post! So many beautiful things…nice bracelet up top…and nice owl, I just found out that those birds are mean, huge and sound like howler monkeys, they don’t hoot! Crazy huh

  4. DrunknMunky Says:

    I love the silkscreen prints – they look great!

  5. the scholar Says:

    hi michelle,

    thanks for the visit! all the jewelry from that artist was smooth as silk, and his belt buckles were STUNNING.

    hmmm, i didn’t know that owls are loud, but i thought they could be mean since they are birds of prey. interesting… and are you anti-owl now because of this info?

  6. the scholar Says:

    hello munky,

    thanks for the comment! when i was in the booth she was telling me to look at all of them because of the different saturation levels in the colors… they are beautiful prints with a playful sense of humor!

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