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transportation wednesday: car

n.b. this is a week long series on methods of transport and how we feel about them, created by a dear friend. 

i love my car. it is spacious and comfortable. i’m also an excellent driver (i think i have mentioned this before). sometimes if i have displaced anxiety i get just a soupçon of road rage, but most of the time driving actually relaxes me. i frequently picture myself on long country roads, or on highway one in california, with no particular destination or time frame in mind, with my favorite music playing…


ceramic mugs from perpetual kid


ineke hans crash car made of recycled plastic at cooper hewitt


photo by scott ballard, available at his etsy shop

benjamin hubert yumbrella bowl

i love this yumbrella bowl from benjamin hubert. love it. they’re made of earthenware and were presented at this year’s 100% design show in london. they will be available in the spring of next year.



i love the integrated banana hook, and the way it looks with fruit in it and out of it.

see more of benjamin’s innovative designs and contact him on his website.

via design flute

transportation tuesday: bike

n.b. this is a week long series on methods of transport and how we feel about them, created by a dear friend. 

my husband does not want me to get a vespa because he is convinced i will crash it – although for the record i am an excellent driver and can give you references if you need them. it’s the other drivers we worry about. anyway, i have a friend who has a green one and she told me once that her scooter was the only freeing thing she had in her life. that kind of freaked me out, but i can understand where she’s coming from. the wind in your hair and that giddy feeling of joy, when there’s no one around, no sound except for you (and truly no sound if you’re on a bicycle!), no obligations to complete and no place to be. just you and the road. how depressing is it when the ride comes to an end?

i suppose you don’t need to worry about it when your bike is on your cutting board, or your stationery.

olze_and_wilkens_cutting boardolze_and_wilkens_cutting_board_detail


acacia wood cutting board from german designers olze and wilkens, and letterpress greeting cards from new york’s sesame letterpress, both available at elsewares. 

jessica rust ceramics

i nearly lost my mind when i saw these gorgeous porcelain and 14k gold luster pieces by minnesota artist jessica rust. they are simply stunning! each of these two styles is limited to 50 pieces and can be customized.





i love the gleam of the gold with the glossy white interior, dotted with jessica’s simple organic imagery. the fact that you can personalize these pieces to commemorate a special occasion is the cherry on the cake.

purchase these bowls and other beautiful pieces on jessica’s website. 

via design sponge

faces in places photos

i love finding the humor and whimsy in everyday objects, and if you’re like me, you will like this fun blog and flickr photo stream of faces in unexpected places.


via the presurfer

transportation monday: feet

last week my clever and creative friend came up with a neat idea of devoting a week of posts to modes of transport. rather than expressing my ideas about this through words, i thought it would be fun to use artwork, and monday is feet. i love the strong lines and imaginative imagery of massachusetts artist shawna handke’s pieces. she works in a variety of media including oil, acrylic and pen and ink. she thinks hands and feet can be quite emotional and telling, and so do i!




find more wonderful works in shawna’s etsy shop, and check out her blog too!

colin johnson prints

what an extraordinary piece of art we have here, from minnesota artist colin johnson. it’s called flotsam and jetsam, a favorite phrase (and category) of mine. i love the lively colors and the slightly odd, organic figures, numbers and symbols that seem so vaguely familiar, sort of like a beck album cover


colin is a graduate of the maryland institute college of art. he has a show october 19th – november 24th at the gardenfresh gallery in chicago.

see colin’s portfolio and bio on his website.

view the step by step process to create the amazing original collage that is this print on his flickr stream.

the prints are signed and numbered in a limited edition of 50! get ’em while they’re hot at thumbtack press.

woven tape measure bag

i like this woven tape measure bag from the chinese company goods of desire, even if i can’t find it on their website.


purchase it at the mca chicago shop.

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