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mini chocolate bar puzzle

cute alert! look at this funny chocolate bar puzzle. it comes from japan in white, milk, and dark (easy, medium, and hard) varieties.



at $6.45, this could make a cute stocking stuffer if you’re thinking ahead…

find it at the strapya shop right here.

hoooo! bath towel

with halloween being so close, those of you who are not costume ready yet may want to try this out.


since a) this is 32 euros, b) it would ship from france, and c) halloween is just around the corner, you might just want to macgyver this one at home.

but it is quite amusing.

find it at atypyk.

lasa rug by jab anstoetz

i like the playful raised pile on this lasa rug from german design firm jab anstoetz. it reminds me of macaroni, an effect which is achieved by felting the main color around a darker yarn core. it’s made of new zealand merino wool and looks supremely cozy.



i love seeing dramatic color pops in neutral rooms, and this would definitely fit the bill. i also love their perfect colors (it also comes in apple green!).

be sure to check jab’s website for other beautiful things.

via trendir

luxurious chromatherapy bathing

to me, a long, relaxing bathing experience is a luxury. when i think of the perfect showering experience (okay, sometimes i do!), i think of being in a cavernous room, surrounded by tons of warm-toned slate, soothing ambient light and a decadent deluge of water falling from way up above my head. jaclo gives me everything i want waterwise with their dream light shower system. imagine a delicious canopy of rain coming pouring down on you, with a thin stainless steel sheet covered in led lights that showcase the spectrum of colors effortlessly and silently. (via trendir)


if you don’t care for the jaclo version (huh?), kohler also makes one. their watertile ambient rain overhead shower panels come with 54 nozzles for maximum water delivery while providing the full spectrum color range. they have also included the chromatherapy (a holistic method of using color to achieve good health) option in select bathtub and whirlpool models.



one more thing to complete my ideal shower: no one around to hear me saying “ahhhhhhh.”

watercolors from mexico

look what came in the mail today from geninne! i was so excited when she announced that she was selling her originals on etsy. i love her happy color palette and nature themes which hold so much promise and hope in every piece.




i think i need a wall of these, so please don’t buy them all before i get back to her etsy shop!

buy handmade for the holidays!

when i had my shops the holiday season was the most exciting, bustling and profitable time of year. my customers relied on me to present them with the best possible selection of unique handmade gifts i could find and when i did i was rewarded with their fierce loyalty. knowing this, i want to call your attention to the buy handmade website. it is a place where you can go to show your support for independent artists and their websites, and a reminder to purchase more handmade goods in the future when the shopping urge strikes.


now is the perfect time to go to their site and pledge to buy gifts with a story and a hand behind them. giving gorgeous works of art, home and personal items made with care and the most important ingredient (love!) is a perfect way to create wonderful memories with families and friends.

try it, you’ll like it!

briana taylor paintings

i am enjoying this realistic vessel oil painting series from massachusetts artist briana taylor. i like the crispness of the compositions and moody earthtone color palette. these pieces feel inevitably cool to me, like the changing of the seasons we are experiencing right now.





briana finds a lot of joy in making things with her hands, and doesn’t limit herself to painting. see for yourself at her etsy shop, and be sure to check out her quilts!

jo vincent glass

loving these beautiful glass lamps and hanging fixtures from uk designer jo vincent. jo, who made and designed glass in italy and london, prior to opening her own studio, does custom work as well as select “ready to buy” collection, which includes this embrace chandelier. it’s made of 106 individually cast glass blades which are lit by a central core of led lights. it can be set as to one particular color or softly roll through the spectrum, thanks to the handy control panel. it’s about 600 mm x 1000 mm (23″ x 39″) long.



i also like the swell table lamp and the half pipe wall sconce (which can be hung vertically or horizontally).



jo’s studio is located on the edge of the lake district in kendal, and she uses a variety of methods to create these fantastic works. the embrace requires an eight week lead time, but the smaller pieces can be completed in two weeks.

see jo’s website to purchase and view the rest of her gorgeous lighting and home pieces.

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