desk toys for the office

posted by the scholar on November 2nd, 2007
filed under: flotsam & jetsam, humor

need to blow off some steam at the office and don’t feel like stealing an industrial copier as a prank? check out these fun desk toys:


office sign language sticker set, at the perpetual kid


handmade mean bags to chuck at people, at maybeyoushoulddie’s etsy shop, via cribcandy (oop sold out!)


squeezy faces on the moon stress balls by makiko yoshida, at moss

okay, so i had a rough day… sorry i could not resist!

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6 Responses to “desk toys for the office”

  1. technabob Says:

    I guess I already spoke sign language, and I just didn’t know that. Time to add another skill to my resume.

  2. the scholar Says:


    oh, dear humor, how i have missed you…

  3. Bri Says:

    Fun! Being a crafty person myself, I hate to admit just how much I like the dicktard pillow.

  4. the scholar Says:

    hahaha! it cracks me up how those sweet little embroidered things say the meanest stuff!

    bri, are you going to do that ornament exchange i’ve seen floating around on various design blogs? hmmm… maybe i should mention that in a post…

  5. Bri Says:

    I think it would be fun to do the ornament swap, but I don’t feel like I could be up to the challenge this time. I did see your post, followed the link, and sent it to my talented weaver/beading friend. Maybe I’ll have to keep it in the back of my mind for next year. I do crochet and knit, so maybe if I sit with it, I could come up with something fun. Maybe I should have put this all on your ornament swap post, but oh, well.

  6. the scholar Says:

    hmmm, well maybe next year then — you are too busy cooking to craft anyway! 😀

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