heather knight & element clay studio

posted by the scholar on November 5th, 2007
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look here at these striking organic porcelain pieces by north carolina artist heather knight. heather is inspired by the beauty found in nature and seeks to represents its complexity in her work. these pieces are coated with a fine white slip that ensures purity of color and matte finish.






i love her natural themes and smoothness of the porcelain juxtaposed with the jagged and rough shells of the critters and elements she reproduces in her work. i also love the idea of those 9″ square white pieces on a richly painted wall. it would make for a beautiful contrast. actually the more i look at all these pieces the more insane i become.

find beautiful things for sale at her etsy shop, and at her element studio and gallery in asheville. oh! and other happenings on her blog.

via sarerinthal

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2 Responses to “heather knight & element clay studio”

  1. saraM Says:

    looks alot like her work at http://www.clairepalastanga.com/

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi saraM,

    beautiful, beautiful! it is a similar theme but the finishes look very different to me.

    great work — thanks for pointing it out and thanks for the visit too!

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