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posted by the scholar on November 26th, 2007
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look at this gorgeous work from swiss ceramist frank baumgartner. he fuses paper and porcelain together to make a type of lightweight paste that can be molded into lovely bowls and vessels. the pieces are finished with interior or exterior color (engobe or slip), and then fired them at 1255°C. frank currently teaches ceramics at the pegmatite pottery school in lausanne. his work is inspired by the mystery and transformation of his medium. experimentation fuels his passion for his craft, and instead of the execution of a formed idea, he lets the piece guide him to the finish instead, fully revealing all its secrets.




i love how ragged and elegant it all is. and i love the juxtaposition of paper, a material that so delicate and easily torn against porcelain, one of the strongest materials around. so delicate and restrained and light like a feather too.

just delicious i tell you!

see the school and find frank’s portfolio here, and purchase these beautiful works in his dawanda shop.

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