pugilist round up

posted by the scholar on December 19th, 2007
filed under: art, humor, metal, paintings, personal accessories, photography, textiles

i’m not quite sure why i keep doing these round up posts, and yet i am still compelled. maybe it’s because i like looking at them in other blogs? anyway, please enjoy this random boxing theme (and i don’t even like boxing!)…


photograph from the future hype collective’s etsy shop


mini gloves pendant from montreal’s roadkill


velvet embroidered boxing gloves from hello craft lovers! (via craft)


nat fleischer’s mid-century boxing guide on ebay


metal boxer sculpture from the art exchange’s etsy shop


vintage lady boxers photo on ebay


limited edition boxer print from byvikink’s etsy shop


stencil painting at mark traughber’s etsy shop

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4 Responses to “pugilist round up”

  1. sosser Says:

    i don’t like boxing either, but those are some irresistible finds!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi sosser,

    i started this post weeks ago but knew i had to go for it when i saw those velvet boxing gloves! too funny.

    nice 2 c u!

  3. Bri Says:

    Love the boxer dog! I like that your boxer theme is a liberal one 😉

  4. the scholar Says:

    hi bri,

    well we can’t leave the doggies out, they do count as a part of the whole!

    thanks for the visit!

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