christian ghion cat capsule

posted by the scholar on December 20th, 2007
filed under: design, furniture

are you like most people who have a small, spacey, swinging kitty with discriminating tastes that always manages to take up a quarter of your king size bed and ruin your sleep while doing it? oh wait – maybe that’s just me. i do believe the cat capsule from french designer christian ghion may be the answer to my cat prayers. it’s quite compact and has an uber stylish mid century modern sensibility.


if this thing swivels, i just might have to figure out where to buy it, even if it is better looking than my own furniture!

via contemporist

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6 Responses to “christian ghion cat capsule”

  1. technabob Says:

    It’s beautiful… Until somebody barfs up a hairball.

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi bob,

    hah! silly kitties with sensitive tummies… how dare they ruin their catbed furniture? 🙂

  3. DJ Inphinity Says:

    it’s cool…I’m sure they will comfortable with it…

  4. the scholar Says:

    hi dj,

    it is cool isn’t it? it reminds me of that scene with dr. evil in austin powers when he turns around in his swivel chair and talks about blackmailing the government for one million dollars. 🙂

    nice to see you and happy holidays!

  5. Carson Says:

    Does it come in dog size?!! 😉
    That would lift the tone around her somewhat (which wouldn’t be hard : the current ‘tone’ is ‘old-blanket’ ) Ha! 🙂

    Thankyou oh indefatigable Gigi : bringing us the latest tasty eclectic morsels.

  6. the scholar Says:

    hi carson,

    ahahahaha! i think this piece is made exclusively for cats. it’s too bad isn’t it?

    fyi, my big kaiser dog is walking around in an old smokey and the bandit tee shirt. somehow i think your doggies are a tad more sophisticated. 🙂

    nice 2 c u and happy holidays to you! xo

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