susan dwyer art and clay

posted by the scholar on December 31st, 2007
filed under: art, clay, home accessories

these pieces that local artist susan dwyer had at the renegade craft fair earlier this month really got the old hamster wheel in my mind wobbling. her bulge series, which is about control and excess, contrasts nicely with the more svelte cylindrical forms of her silo vessels and water towers. and there is something about the intention behind each piece that makes her minimal color palette of grey and fleshy peach seem fresh to me.






when i saw those vases in the first two photos in person, i thought they were made of clay. they actually were papier mache. it makes me think about the lines we desire to straddle: between rural and urban, delicate and strong, neutral and lively. all very interesting places for the mind to wander…

purchase susan’s pieces on her etsy shop and see her website for more info too!

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3 Responses to “susan dwyer art and clay”

  1. sosser Says:

    i love how elegant and simple these pieces are. great find!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi sosser,

    i know you would have picked these up and stared at them if you had gone to the fair.

    nice 2 c u!

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