blue q funny tin coin bank

posted by the scholar on January 4th, 2008
filed under: humor, metal, personal accessories

as you must know by now i have a sense of humor and also have a compelling need to use it, frequently. with this in mind, please enjoy these goofy tin coin banks from blue q from massachusetts.






the blue q bath lines were very beloved and popular items in my shops. their packaging and artwork is colorful and clever. i remember how paul and i used to walk into their booth at the gift shows and HOWL with laughter, and then hear our customers do it too once we had the merchandise up on the shelves. it’s nice to see them have continued success and have expanded their line to include other gifty merchandise too.

find these products and much much more on their website!

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2 Responses to “blue q funny tin coin bank”

  1. maryam in marrakesh Says:

    Oh I do think I need to get that clone the cat one. It would make me happy every day:-)

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi maryam,

    ahahahaha! i will make it my hostess gift when i come to visit you. 🙂

    thanks for stopping by!

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