vintage upholstery cabinet storage

posted by the scholar on January 21st, 2008
filed under: furniture, wood

i love a shprinkle of vintage in homes with contemporary aesthetics; the combination creates a beautiful layered feeling as you go from room to room, adds texture to the home and frequently sparks conversation. this is why i love these solid hardwood draper’s cabinets in their current application as storage for books, epherema, art, and other odds and ends. each cubby is numbered and designated with a little brass cardholder.






i love the rustic finishing on these pieces, and love the idea that many years ago, skilled craftspeople used cabinets just like these in their daily lives at work. it’s nice to have furniture with a little bit of history, isn’t it?

find small, medium and large versions for a pretty penny at sundance.

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2 Responses to “vintage upholstery cabinet storage”

  1. bb Says:

    These make me drool. Fantastic.

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi bb,

    yep, i concur. i’m not much of a diy-er but i would attempt this idea in a heartbeat if i ever came across something like this while thrifting. super, super cool.

    than again, maybe i should just save up for these.

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