jake phipps pendant lamps

posted by the scholar on January 26th, 2008
filed under: lighting, textiles

okay, i will hang up the lighting now by signing off with these terrific ceiling fixtures from uk designer jake phipps for the hidden art collective. beautifully structured hats lined with decadent gold or silver that have people names are right up my alley! jeeves is the bowler and wooster is the top hat. i love the idea of taking a classically styled item steeped in tradition and turning it on its ear by utilizing it in a new creative, functional way. i would call these guys whimsical but i think that word gets a bad rap, so how about deliciously surprising? humorously stylish? playfully bold? i can’t decide. maybe all of the above.



i totally want to play monopoly at a table with the triple top hats hanging overhead.

purchase these lights and many more inventive things at the hidden art shop.

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5 Responses to “jake phipps pendant lamps”

  1. Cedar Says:

    Those are wonderful lamps!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi cedar,

    aren’t they fun? they’re not inexpensive but they’re very special!

    nice to see you!

  3. Bri Says:

    These are really fun! I could totally see a gaggle of these hanging in a chic club or upscale-but-doesn’t-take-itself-too-seriously restaurant…like something Philippe Stark would have a hand it. I can’t decide which style I like better, but maybe the bowler with the gold in it. And, being the food that I am, I’ll take deliciously surprising.

  4. Bri Says:

    oops, “foodie”, I’m not food 😉

  5. the scholar Says:

    hi bri,

    yes, i think a dramatic well designed room would be the perfect fit for these pieces. a cool accessories or clothing shop would be good too! i hope we get to see these in action someplace.

    and we know you’re not food. 🙂

    nice to see you!

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