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luzifer i-club lamp

i like the sleek minimal character of this i-club lamp collection from burkhard dammer for luzifer. the shades are made of natural wood veneers and are available in a beautiful array of colors.




purchase them all at 2modern.

jake phipps pendant lamps

okay, i will hang up the lighting now by signing off with these terrific ceiling fixtures from uk designer jake phipps for the hidden art collective. beautifully structured hats lined with decadent gold or silver that have people names are right up my alley! jeeves is the bowler and wooster is the top hat. i love the idea of taking a classically styled item steeped in tradition and turning it on its ear by utilizing it in a new creative, functional way. i would call these guys whimsical but i think that word gets a bad rap, so how about deliciously surprising? humorously stylish? playfully bold? i can’t decide. maybe all of the above.



i totally want to play monopoly at a table with the triple top hats hanging overhead.

purchase these lights and many more inventive things at the hidden art shop.

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isabel stanley contemporary lighting

i need regular shots of color and more light during these gloomy winter months, so what better way to indulge than admiring the colorful shade choices on these lamps from uk designer isabel stanley? isabel was inspired by beautiful ribbons she found on a trip to latin america ten years ago, and through her love of sewing, textiles and embroidery created her sumptuous stripe collection of shades, made of fine satin, velvet and petersham haberdashery ribbons. there are a multitude of colorways in this collection as well as the two others she produces. you can purchase the shades by themselves or with an ash or wenge wooden base for an additional fee, and everything is finished by hand in her london studio.




look here to see more samplings, and to purchase online.

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wisteria clear glass bird lamp

sometimes i see super contemporary home items and love them (you know i do!), but have a hard time picturing them in my house, or anyone else’s, because some pieces have too limited an application. this is why i love the aesthetic of the wisteria catalog. their products are modern but have both a global and vintagey feel too, which makes for a pretty vesatile resource no matter what style of home you have. among the many things i covet in their collection is this graceful clear glass bird lamp. it’s so pretty and i imagine it gives off a nice amount of light because of the clear shade. in the catalog they compare it to philippe starck’s ghost chair, but the transparency is the only similarity to me. this seems softer and sweeter to me.


when we reopen our cottage up in michigan this spring i will take you on a photo tour, and then you’ll know exactly where i would like to put one (or two) of these!

$169 at wisteria.

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mayuko fujino paper art – let’s chat!

look at the beautiful, delicate work of japanese artist mayuko fujino! these are not illustrations but paper cutouts with additional collage work. i love the organic themes and joyful compositions. her techniques are precise and eye for color admirable. i think you could just dive right into some of these and land on a fluffy cloud. let’s have a chat with mayuko and find out more!





q: where do you live?
tokyo, japan

q: what inspires your artwork?
a: i think what inspires me most are the challenging technical restrictions of paper cutout. sometimes when i have an idea it does not fall within the conventional rules for my method… and when i see something then the rules decide 1) if i can actually craft it or not and 2) how to go about making it. it’s fun for me to see how far i can go within the limitations. to do that, i always have to make the best use of inventiveness, and sometimes unexpected ideas occur. sometimes i think it almost acts like a guide for me to understand the world. and of course music (like moondog) and literature inspire me a lot. a sound body with storing of memory in five senses.

q: can you tell me a little about your technique?
a: they are paper cutouts and i color them with magazine pages, papers and collage. i use a special cutting tool (not scissors) to make the special cut shapes.

q: how large are these finished pieces and are they for sale?
a: they range in size from 10cm x 10cm to 79.0cm x 54.5cm (about 4″ x 4″ up to 31″ x 21.5″). i am preparing to sell them.

q: are you currently in any shows, and is there anything else special you would like to mention?
a: i will have an exhibition from february 6 through february 10th at fall gallery in tokyo, and on february 9th i am going to perform a new shadow show titled “mr. and mr.mysteries” there. i sometimes act as the “georama” or shadow play unit. also, our short film is available at myspace here.


mayuko_fujino_frog_detail mayuko_fujino_frog_detail_2



be sure to look at mayuko’s flickr stream for more gorgeous work.

thank you mayuko!

martha rich mixed media paintings

i just saw these fantastic paintings on the sfgirlbybay blog and had to write about them immediately. they’re part of the painting a day exercise california artist martha rich has just wrapped up, called freedomwig. martha has created a collection of acrylic, collage, ink and pencil pieces that have consistent underlying themes of insecurity, the trends people follow to achieve acceptance and the ultimate disappointment that occurs once they realize how absurd it all is. according to martha, the series is inspired by “all the ads we see during our lives informing us of the bad smells we make, our lack of prettiness, that we are too fat, and all our flaws that will cause others to like us less.” wow.










as a child, martha worked as a television and print ad model. the rediscovery one of her old j.c. penney shoots lead to her obsession with vintage department store catalogs from the 60’s and 70’s, as well as her signature style: an imperfect interpretation of all those stiff model poses, undergarments and beauty products found in the pages of those wishbooks from days gone by.

i love these works. i simply love them. the naive style, the stylish motifs that salute previous eras, the layers and expression, the sweet feminine palettes that belie a message that a lot of people don’t want to see or hear. these are strong statements to stand up and make in a world where superficiality, quick fixes and the next best thing abounds. but the hook is here and holds you because martha isn’t preachy about what she is trying to get across. the positive, affirming message of seeing the value in just being yourself comes through loud and clear. and that is music to my ears.

these pieces are in an exhibit which has been extended over at the la luz de jesus gallery in los angeles through january 27 (hurry!). check out what is still available here, read the rest of the sf girl’s blog post here and while we’re at it let’s not leave martha’s main website or freedomwig site out either!

advice to sink in slowly poster series

when i was a freshman in college, it would have been nice to get some sage advice from the more experienced kids on campus about what school would be like. the first year students at the university college falmouth receive a gift of a poster from recent graduates, permanently inked with tidbits of wisdom and gorgeous, inventive design. it’s called the advice to sink in slowly series. the more you peruse the selection here, the more you realize that it’s not just filled with a sense of humor and clever musings, but also astute advice that can be applied in everyday life too.


rebecca cobb; carys williams


temujin doran; luke tonge


david plant; jane laurie

i’ll take these over cheesy motivational posters anyday!

bonus: if you like them, you can buy them! the A3 (11″ x 17″) posters are only £5.00 each, so why not buy more than one?

purchase them here and be sure to check out their flickr stream too!

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maurizio savini chewing gum sculpture

italian artist maurizio savini creates amazingly detailed and slightly disturbing sculptures out of chewing gum and has exhibited throughout europe. he enjoys using the gum as a medium due to the multiple senses engaged while chewing it, and also because it is a reminder of his youth and adolescence.




maurizio is elusive! he does not appear to have his own website, but an information page can be found here, and also (in italian) at the next door gallery, where he is represented.

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