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pita pocket wallet

who here among us likes pita? those who have raised their hands will love this little wallet/coin purse from israeli photographer and graphic designer anat safran. she’s made it out of cotton so it won’t get moldy if you leave it in your coat pocket or purse for a few days. and you can fill it with your favorite things, like an mp3 player or falafel (okay maybe not falafel).


why do i always see these things when i am hungry?

see more on anat’s website.

via designspotter

element touch led lamp

ooh! i love the curve and the cleanliness of this chrome-finished sculpture – i mean, faucet, er, led lamp. you simply touch the base to turn it on and off. i am totally picturing this on my huge gorgeous ebony wood desk with beautiful turned legs, that’s completely cleared off except for an imac with hidden cords and a vase of fresh white peonies (NOT!)…


form and function. that’s the stuff.

$85 at uncommon goods.

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solar powered disco ball

somewhere in a parallel universe i am in a diane von furstenburg wrap dress and high heels, checking out halston and bianca jagger while dancing to evelyn “champagne” king at the 54. i don’t know what it is about the seventies but it’s in me, and it ain’t going nowheres. anyway, imagine the awesome parties that could effortlessly come together, once you grab up one of these solar-powered disco balls. no need for batteries or a plug – just place this wee little 18″ h x 6″ w ball on a window with the attached suction cup, and watch the area transform into a place where stretch sequin tube tops are preferred and velvet ropes are required. away it will whirl, creating a shimmering glittery effect all over. summer evenings will never be the same.

solar_powered_disco_ball solar_powered_disco_ball_2

it’s groovy and it’s eco friendly too, people – what more can you ask for?

find it at fred flare or mxyplyzyk.

sandra soss mixed media art

grace at design sponge did a sneak peek on my dear friend sandra’s apartment here in chicago yesterday and i am so glad she did, because i think the whole world should know about her. today, i would like to focus on her creative collection of home accessories. sandra is an artistic soul who is best described as a renaissance woman – she can paint, draw, sew, write, cook and do so many other kinds of other creative designing and artwork! right now she is creating a very cool series of functional collage works and one-off shadowbox work that is full of colorful layers and very pretty imagery.





everything we see in this collection has a wee touch of humor and a hat tip to nostalgia. the vibrant pieces, while covered and coated in paper and glue, are cleanly patterned and very easy on the eyes. and each piece exudes a certain warmth, which is the absolute direct hand of the artist coming through.

click here to see the whole article, check out sandra’s blog and purchase her work at her etsy shop.

(congrats san – you deserve lots of recognition for your talents! xo)

cotton bird designs

flying birds, excellent birds. watch them fly, there they go.

i like these super cute handsewn paper birdies from the uk’s cotton bird designs. they are fashioned from recycled maps, vintage textiles, sewing patterns and other ephemera. they are stitched by hand and have embroidered eyes and little wire feet.





i love the naive feel of these pieces and you already know i like birds. sculptural birds – even better, because they won’t fly away if i get real close to examine them.

oh dear, better get my credit card.

see the full selection the the cotton bird etsy shop.

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b+b italia canasta outdoor furniture

it may cost multiple mortgage payments and might be just a tad too low to the ground for me, but i swiftly and deftly defy these challenges to present to you the new canasta collection designer by patricia urquiola for the ubercool b + b italia. patricia designed these gorgeous pieces as a nod to past traditions of woven seating, but exaggerated the loose weave to keep a contemporary edge. the collection is made of lightweight polyethylene for durability in the elements, and is offered with high and low backs in white or bronze with a variety of coordinating pillows.


b_and_b_italia_ canasta_collection_chairs




b_and_b_italia_ canasta_collection_tables

b_and_b_italia_ canasta_collection_side tables

b_and_b_italia_ canasta_collection_dining_table

oh, to be poolside reading something juicy and enjoying the weather around me while sitting on one of these… i love their loose, open weave and how they fit so seamlessly into modern garden spaces. sign me up.

see more beautiful furnishings at the b + b website.

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crisis! at the blog

yesterday, the post i wrote a few weeks back about the packing tape art of mark khaisman made it to the front page of digg. all hell broke loose thereafter, in the form of broken servers and slow loading times, as 31,000+ 50,000+ people decided to head over here (mostly at the same time) to see what the fuss was about.


thanks to muhammed for digging my post, and thanks to you all for your patience if you were trying to come over and read or make a comment on sunday. people are still coming today from the article but the traffic levels are much more manageable now. 🙂

vintage upholstery cabinet storage

i love a shprinkle of vintage in homes with contemporary aesthetics; the combination creates a beautiful layered feeling as you go from room to room, adds texture to the home and frequently sparks conversation. this is why i love these solid hardwood draper’s cabinets in their current application as storage for books, epherema, art, and other odds and ends. each cubby is numbered and designated with a little brass cardholder.






i love the rustic finishing on these pieces, and love the idea that many years ago, skilled craftspeople used cabinets just like these in their daily lives at work. it’s nice to have furniture with a little bit of history, isn’t it?

find small, medium and large versions for a pretty penny at sundance.

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