fred and friends stacked coffee cup

posted by the scholar on February 1st, 2008
filed under: clay, home accessories, humor

ever have one of those days when you need three cups of coffee? even if you’re limiting your caffeine intake, you could still get it done with one cup instead in this fun porcelain coffee cup from rhode island’s fred and friends.


i love it when the coffee cups in my cabinets are more clever in the morning than i am!

purchase this and other fun things on fred’s website.

via inspire me, now!

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6 Responses to “fred and friends stacked coffee cup”

  1. Kelly Says:

    if only it came in a FIVE cup version i’d be all set!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi kelly,

    ahahahaha! yes, me too (my name is gigi and i am a full blown caffeine addict)!

    btw, i love that ego cup you posted about a few days ago…

    thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. technabob Says:

    But will it fit in a Tassimo?

  4. the scholar Says:

    hi bob,

    actually i think it might – it only LOOKS like 3 cups remember? xo 🙂

  5. Terry Says:

    very clever.

  6. the scholar Says:

    hi terry,

    i completely agree and speaking of clever i LOVE that cobra you made!!! i have the pleasure of viewing all your posts in my reader but i have got to get over to your site and make some comments tout suite! 🙂

    thanks for the visit!

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