modern eye chart

posted by the scholar on February 12th, 2008
filed under: design, illustration

i have to go get an eye exam this afternoon, and if this eye chart were up on the wall i don’t think i could get through reading each line without cracking up.



via neatorama via 2flashgames

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5 Responses to “modern eye chart”

  1. Bri Says:

    This is awesome. I know the eye chart well at this point since I’ve had glasses since 5th grade. After the OMG WTF lines, I had to get technical assistance from my hubs. Since he’s regularly in design and art forums, he knew them all. I was impressed. I think the last line cracked me up the most. 😛

  2. the scholar Says:

    omg, we are kindred spirits because i had no idea what anything meant after pawned or owned or whatever exactly that line is, and HAD TO GO ASK THE HUBS. hahahaha!

    nice to know we are part the 1337 now — thanks for the comment! 😀

  3. Mgbita Says:

    what does the word mean i dont get it can some1 explain

  4. swschrad Says:

    OMG — oh my god

    WTF — what the (!)

    STFU — shut the (!) up

    PWN3D — aka 0wn2d = your computer is hacked, we own it down to the roots, we are already maxing out your credit cards buying stuff.

    URAN00B — you are a n00b = newbie = my dog knows more about computers.

    LMAOROTF — laughing my ass off, rolling on the floor = this is way funny.

    KTHXBYE:P — ok, son. thanks. g’bye. pfffftthhbbbb.

    IF YOU CAN READ THIS, UR EYEZ R THE L337. TTYL. — if you can read this, your eyes are “the leet” = excellent. ta-ta, you loser.

    this would be the sequence of comments a hacker would say as they actively broke into your computer and ran off with your life. it’s mega hilarious to me because opthamologists nowadays have computers sourcing or doing all the test stuff, except the definitive medical exams with the lens machine and the slit lamp.

  5. I didnt say but he told him that i always Says:

    ttyl can also be “talk to you later”. but in this situation, very unlikely. 😛

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