bocina watering can

posted by the scholar on February 18th, 2008
filed under: design, home accessories, metal

i keep my ugly watering can for my houseplants underneath the kitchen sink, but i would strongly reconsider my decision if i had this curvy stainless steel bocina can designed by mikaela dörfel for auerhahn. it is absolutely worthy of a place of honor, somewhere at eye level where i could frequently enjoy it.


i love it when form and function are married so beautifully together!

find it at uncommon goods or pro-idee.

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2 Responses to “bocina watering can”

  1. Bri Says:

    This is beautiful, Gigi. I wonder how functional it is, but it would be fun to find out!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi bri,

    yep i think so too – you just grab it by the wide part and pour. so cool.

    it probably does not hold a lot of water so maybe it should be exclusively reserved for the orchid collection or something along those lines. 🙂

    thanks for stopping!

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