measuring tape lamps by chrissy angliker

posted by the scholar on February 26th, 2008
filed under: art, design, lighting

swiss-born multidisciplinary designer and artist chrissy angliker is a recent pratt grad who has created (among many other clever things) these boldly graphic measuring tape pendant lamps.

chrissy_angliker_measuring tape_lights

chrissy_angliker_measuring tape_light_black_whitechrissy_angliker_measuring tape_light_black

chrissy_angliker_measuring tape_light_yellow

i can imagine the soft glow emitted from their tightly handcoiled shades, and love the idea of these in a craft room (duh) or a little vestibule or foyer. what a cool thing to come home to!

the lamps can be seen at the los angeles branch of the permanently cool reform school. but you can also order them from her directly: $100 for the black and white light, $120 for the yellow and $130 for the multicolored. be sure to check out her great portfolio too while you are over there!

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4 Responses to “measuring tape lamps by chrissy angliker”

  1. sosser Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! these make my heart race 🙂

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi sosser,

    gee whiz i was just heading over to your blog when i saw you were here! aren’t these fun? i love how the coils are perfectly proportioned. it reminds me of when i used to stick my finger in the middle of the tape measure to see how tall a cone i could make…

    glad you like these too – thanks for the visit!

  3. yellowmonday Says:

    Oh yes. These are amazing. And tape measures are fun. I have one sitting beside the computer to while away the moments when any loading or rendering is going on. I hadn’t tried making a tall cone, but thanks for the tip Gigi!

  4. the scholar Says:

    linda! hahahahaha

    i seriously think i need one or more of these, but where to put them… now that is the rub.

    thanks for stopping by!

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