elizabeth burritt ceramics

posted by the scholar on February 28th, 2008
filed under: art, clay

“what is the matter with this woman she is only posting about clay today” you may be thinking to yourself but hey! the wind blows where it blows. and by now you know how i love the clay! tomorrow will be very different i assure you but just for today, let us finish the show with a selection of gorgeous vessels from vancouver artist elizabeth burritt.




elizabeth’s website is currently under construction but you can contact her through it.

purchase and view select pieces of her collection at circle craft and the gallery of bc ceramics, both on granville island.

via poppytalk (who has some other good photos of the collection!)

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4 Responses to “elizabeth burritt ceramics”

  1. Tara Says:

    Oh these are beautiful! love it! Very striking, but delicate and bold at the same time.

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi tara,

    i love these too! i want to pick them up and hold them in my hands to see the kind of energy they give off. i suspect it is very positive!

    thanks for the visit and btw i really like the bookmarks you have on your blog!! 🙂

  3. sosser Says:

    that is some gorgeous clay work! love every piece.

  4. the scholar Says:

    hi sosser,

    love the clay! be the clay! 🙂

    thanks for the comment!

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