snapshot sunday

posted by the scholar on March 2nd, 2008
filed under: photography

beloved readers, perhaps you have noticed a few new things i’m attempting to integrate up in here: miniviews and let’s chat! articles (respectively, mini-interviews and more in-depth q & a with dynamic, creative people each week), best of the week round-up posts featuring the week’s most popular stories, more prominent email and subscribe buttons at the top right (which i encourage you to do!), an easy way to have follow-up comments delivered to you (i always answer your comments – and thanks for the suggestion mike!) and thumbnail photographs that give you a taste of the stories in any given category you click on to the left.

i will continue to dream up and add new content and design features like these, because 1) the hamster wheel never stops running up in my head and 2) i think (and hope!) you will enjoy them. starting today, sundays will be no different. i am pleased to announce the first of many snapshot sunday posts, featuring one photograph to put a cap on the week. no words, because one day of the week can be quiet, right?

think about it.


jaume plensa’s crown fountain at milennium park

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2 Responses to “snapshot sunday”

  1. sosser Says:

    love all the new features! keep the hamster running 🙂

  2. the scholar Says:

    thanks pal i will! 🙂

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