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posted by the scholar on March 10th, 2008
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i enjoy looking at vintage goodness especially when it is upcycled into something different so i am pleased to show you the lovely handmade purses and bags by local artist becca cornish, aka etsy seller rebeccabags. becca uses all kinds of different fabrics, and lots of vintage fabric to create her collection, which has thoughtful details like embroidery and contrasty linings. i also appreciate the fact that her change purses are roomy enough to substitute as a bag if circumstances call for something cute and little. ever curious to know just a little bit more about the brains behind the operation, i asked three quick questions…



q: where do you create your collection?
i create my collection in a smoke free, pet free home, in a dining room/workroom nestled in the fabulous logan square neighborhood in chicago. (ed.note: with a fabulous fabric wall!)



q: how did you get into designing handbags?
i have always enjoyed sewing and crafting. i started making bags about six years ago. i was embroidering a skirt pocket and realized what a cool bag it would make. i created my first tote and the rest is history. friends and family wanted bags for themselves which led to their friends and family and so on. it has now evolved from hobby to business and love. even my four year old gets into it by “helping” mommy sew. although not very helpful, it’s really cute.



q: what is your inspiration?
i am a textile junkie. i can’t go anywhere without looking for fabric options. i have to touch and visualize what i can do with it. i have even smelled fabric… you heard me. my inspiration for my creations comes from the world around me — flora and fauna, my kid, food, fabric patterns, colors, word associations, the need for certain containers, and of course special requests. there isn’t a day that goes by without me sketching something out. the world is a beautiful place, might as well have accessories to match.


see becca’s current collection at her etsy shop. you can also see more samplings on her website. contact her in either place to collaborate on custom work too – her specialty!

thank you becca!

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5 Responses to “rebecca cornish handbags: miniview”

  1. Kelly Hill Says:

    I have a diaper bag & change purses made by Becca. They are AMAZING quality & I get compliments on them all the time. Love Rebeccabags!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi kelly,

    oh! i am glad you are also a fan. i too have purchased her pieces and i think they’re great – the photos hardly do them justice.

    thanks for the visit! 🙂

  3. BagGirl Says:

    That first bag by becca cornish is adorable! The simplicity of it reminds me almost of some of the cover art I’ve seen on CDs from the folk group The Innocence Mission. It’s very beautiful.

  4. the scholar Says:

    hello baggirl,

    yes! i love that birdie bag too. i just got a teeny coin purse with a similar bird on it and i love it!

    thanks for stopping by and btw you have a nice site – i have a thing for chloe… 🙂

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