cool carpets and renegade rugs (round up)

posted by the scholar on March 14th, 2008
filed under: art, design, home accessories

i wish for a new and exciting carpet for my family room and have secretly been visiting a bunch of them online and therefore i wish for you to enjoy this round up of artsy rugs seen below:


brushwood carpet by dima loginoff


itu rug by tuttu sillanpää for verso design


die-cut wool runner by bev hisey


moon carpet from atypyk


manuscrit rug by joaquim ruiz millet for nanimarquina


funniest rugs ever from dan golden


hudson carpet by sophia wood for modus


formosa rug by wenlan chia of twinkle living


interlocking puzzle rug from katrin sonnleitner


wow carpet from bentley prince


pebble rug from 2form design


reception carpet from studio voortman and girod


recycled bicycle tire rug by ariadna miguel for nanimarquina

someday if i don’t have any animals living in my home (oh you know i complain but i love them so) i will buy a fabulous carpet and enjoy how clean it remains from day to day. until then though it looks like it’ll be that two tone polypropylene number from the blue and yellow store.

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4 Responses to “cool carpets and renegade rugs (round up)”

  1. Bri Says:

    Okay, Gigi, I have a tie for my two favorites…..the moon and the footprints. I did have a great chuckle at the two funny ones. And I have just one question about the puzzle rug, do you have to assemble it yourself? Good luck on your rug/carpet search. I bet you’ll find something fun AND practical.

  2. the scholar Says:

    hello bri,

    i love the photo of the moon with the moon boots on it – those guys are so funny. and i agree about the footprint rug too.

    yes you do have to put the puzzle carpet together! it’s made of interlocking rubber pieces and you can create your own unique patterns… a highly interesting idea don’t you think?

    for now we are sticking with the hardwood. the dogs slip and slide around when they try to get up, so maybe if we just get them shoes instead we can leave it bare. 🙂

    glad to see you as always!

  3. Vivien Cuttle Says:

    I love your blog and check it regularly. I think the rugs are fantastic – my favourite is the brushwood, but it would be a nightmare to clean! I also dig the manuscript one. I can’t understand a word it says… maybe a good thing!

  4. the scholar Says:

    hi vivien,

    i completely agree with you about brushwood! i think maybe if you have a hose attachment you could really give it a good clean, but then the fibers might get twisted by the wind. hmmm…

    did you see the similarly fabulous tord boontje rug here? i love these concepts but in my house they might look better hanging on a wall! 🙂

    on the other hand, the manuscript one could work… hmmmm…

    thanks for the comment and the visit – i am very happy to see you!

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