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posted by the scholar on March 29th, 2008
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oh hello there. what are you going to do during earth hour today (you are participating right?)? i plan on drinking some wine by candlelight and having a nice chat with the hubs myself. before we turn our electricity off though (at 8 pm your local time, for one hour), feel free to take a peek at some of the week’s most popular posts, just in case you missed it… you can click on the photo to read the posts and click on the text links for more info about the companies and items.

jerry_seguin_red_couture_illustration_225 matt_stuart_photography_pigeon_225

the beautiful illustrations of jerry seguin and matt stuart’s street photography

bernhard_grafl_dear_deer_wall_art_225 gypsy_and_twink_collage_elephant_with_bird225

bernhard grafl’s organic dear deer and a few questions for gypsy and twink


an informative let’s chat! with virginia glass artist elizabeth perkins

so, do you call it spring when it is sunny out but 35 degrees? i don’t think you can. your comments and emails keep my chin up everyday though — thanks for your support! have a pleasant weekend and i will see you next week with a miniview featuring a terrific digital collage artist, a great let’s chat! with a superhip illustrator and a fun cup and mug round-up. over and out!

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