jaime derringer illustrations

posted by the scholar on March 31st, 2008
filed under: art, illustration

am i the last person on earth to know about these fun illustrations from california artist jaime derringer, aka etsy seller jaimers aka the dynamic force behind design milk, one of my regular stops in bloggyland? she uses a combination of hand drawn and digital techniques to create her limited edition collection.





i knew jaime had a good eye for minimal style from her blog and now i can see the genesis of it all. or was it the blog that came first? no matter. it all works. i love the happy colors and graphic details too.

see jaime’s full collection right here, make sure to check out her terrific blog and while you’re over there, browse through her cool finds in her design shop, called vitamindesign.

via at home with kim vallee

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4 Responses to “jaime derringer illustrations”

  1. At Home with Kim Vallee Says:

    Do not worry Gigi, like the old adage says: Better (a little late in your case) late than never. BTW, I like your writing on this one.

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi kim,

    thanks! and thanks for being the resource on this too — her designs are so fun.

  3. larkyn Says:

    Great find! You have a fantastic blog.

  4. the scholar Says:

    hi larkyn,

    so glad you are enjoying jaime’s work too.

    thanks for the nice compliments and for stopping by! 🙂

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