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relax! planter by stefan stauffacher

just as soon as that snow melts, i am going to go outside and emulate this awesome planter by the witty swiss designer stefan stauffacher for eternit (and their us distributor greenform). it’s made of a combination of cement, limestone, fiber and water (called fiber cement), which is a durable, 100% recycled material.


contact greenform for pricing and availability.

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gypsy and twink collage art: miniview


pssst. let me take you into my imagination for a moment today if you will: a dappled candy forest filled with dark chocolate trees and gumdrop leaves, a rambling dulce de leche river, cotton candy clouds and tiny meringue mushrooms that the sprites regularly whip up into a tasty risotto. if such a place existed i do believe it would be populated by the charming birds, little ladies and other creatures crafted by kirsty macintosh, aka etsy seller gypsyandtwink. equally fitting on a shelf in a child’s room or a family room, these enchanting three dimensional collage pieces, with their vivid colors and patterns, just make my imagination go cuckoo. ever curious to know more about the brains behind the operation, i asked a few quick questions…



q: where do you live and what is your inspiration for these happy creatures?
i am a scottish lass living in the north of england. as far as inspiration goes – its everywhere isn’t it? i just love colour and pattern and shape in and amongst all that these things seem to pop up. i want to make nice things that put a smile on your face.



q: do you have an art background?
yes my background is art, i have a masters of fine art, and for the last 10 years or so i have worked in art education, community art and public art. i like to help other people bring their ideas to life. now i’m having a go at making my living through the things i make…the “art” world as such scares me a bit so i guess making the things i do. i like their simplicity, they don’t need to be “understood” because they just are… does that make sense?



q: who are gypsy and twink? are they the owl and the elephant in your shop?
gypsy & twink were actually my two siamese cats i had when i was growing up… their names go together so well in my head.



purchase these pieces and see kirsty’s complete collection over at her etsy shop.

thank you kirsty!

recycled book cuff bracelets

i think these bracelets, made from the spine covers of old and damaged books from young pennsylvania crafter jamie keiles are very clever. they are lined in your choice of leather or vinyl.



purchase them at jamie’s etsy shop, and see her blog for more interesting tidbits.

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sixth and elm wood accessories

i think these wooden frames and boxes from toronto artist chantelle finley, aka etsy seller sixthandelm, are just lovely. the words and designs are burned on to each piece using a pyrography pen, then sanded and stained.





purchase these items at chantelle’s etsy shop and see her website too for more info!

snapshot sunday



the tiffany glass ceiling at marshall field’s macy’s marshall field’s on state street

best of the week on roadside scholar

well, hello there lovely people. did you have a nice week? i hope so. if not, maybe this wrap up of some of the most popular posts this week will cheer you, in case you missed it… you can click on the photo to read the posts and click on the text links for more info about the companies and items.


a few questions for jared may and soner ozerc’s cmyk lamp shade


thomas broomé’s wordy illustrations and wallpaper animals from inke heiland


a fun and informative visit with the women of the excellent better living through design

this week chicago welcomed the beginning of spring with a heaping serving of wet, heavy snow, and what i thought was beginning to sprout was buried beneath a sparkling white blanket. it hasn’t deterred my zest for finding new and interesting things though – yee haw! thank you for always helping to grow that spark by stopping over and saying nice things all week. i wish you a good weekend and look forward to chatting with you about next week’s selections, including a miniview with a fun collage artist, a great let’s chat! with a spectacular glass artist and a beautiful necklace round-up. ever forward!

spin designs mobiles

please enjoy these gorrrrrrrgeous mobiles from portland’s spin designs. these pieces are made from laser cut museum mat board, taken from original illustrations.





hang one in a dark corner with one of those inexpensive floor uplights from the depot and i bet you’ll see some fabulous shadows.

you need to go look at their etsy shop and website to see more cool stuff, including their awesome jewelry. seriously.


bei le xian paintings

i like eggs, which must be part of the reason why i am enjoying the simple curves of these watercolor, pastel and acrylic paintings from singapore artist bei le xian. i see eggs. i also like the playful themes.






the hiding elephant is my favorite.

see more original works and prints at bei le’s etsy shop.

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