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posted by the scholar on April 3rd, 2008
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i am straight up crazy about these illustrations from anna higgie. when i browse through her portfolio i feel like there’s something for everyone here: contemporary and vintage influences, notable technical skills and just the right combination of sensuality and emotion that make me want to scan the whole piece of paper with terminator-like precision, just to make sure i don’t miss any detail. there is grace, youth and style, bold graphic abstraction and honest curves on edges of eyes, shoulders and faces that celebrate the human form. let’s have a chat with anna and find out more!


q: where do you live, and where do you create your art?
a: i was born in australia, but currently i live in bristol, in the south west of england. at the moment I make my work at home. i draw on a small scale (A4 and A3), so using my house as a studio is not a problem. i am thinking of renting a bigger space soon though, so i can make bigger things and make more mess.


q: what is your background, and did you study art formally?
a: i grew up travelling around with my family. my father was a diplomat so we we would go back and forth between australia and europe. most of my memories from childhood are from living in vienna, where we spent four years. when i finished school i decided to go to study art at the national art school in sydney, australia. i spent three and a half years there studying painting, drawing and art history, and then moved to london with my family and studied design there for about a year.


q: can you tell us a little about the techniques you use?
a: i work from photos a lot. i had some incredible drawing teachers at art school that really tightened up my technique. of course it was all life drawing at school, no photos. four hours a week every week for three years. i learnt that drawing is more a state of mind than a technique though. it is about seeing more than anything else, and about being highly critical and objective.

at the moment i love to use a pacer, which is one of those pencils that you click lead through. i haven’t used a pencil sharpener for years. i also love pantone ink pens, and i have to have nice paper, with a good thickness, and not too white.


q: do you think your work has transformed since you started making art?
a: i still have my sketchbooks from when i first started really getting into drawing when i was about thirteen years old. i hope there has been a lot of development since then, but i know that fundamentally a few things have never really changed. i have always had a preoccupation with feminine beauty, and in a certain type of clean technique and use of materials. i think i have gained confidence and learnt a few tricks since then though.


q: what is the price range of your collection?
a: i sell drawings for 200 – 300 pounds and giclee prints for 60 – 80 pounds. i do commissions at varying rates. it depends how much the project interests me.


q: what is the inspiration behind your collection?
a: my inspiration is the possibility that i might one day make something truly beautiful.


q: do you have a favorite piece you have created or a favorite theme to work with?
a: my favourite theme: poetic beauty vs. hard edge graphics. here are two of my faves…



q: i find many of the images in your portfolio provocative, and even when your subjects are at rest there is still a very powerful feeling that comes through – something dynamic and alive. is there a specific message you are trying to send through these pieces?
a: i am not trying to send a message at all. i choose my subjects because of something intangible that speaks to me in a face or a gesture. i suppose it could be called beauty, but i think it is a melancholic sort of beauty.


q: where can we go to see your collection in person, and is there anything else meaningful you would like to include here?
a: i am trying to find the perfect time and place for a show right now. if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, i would love to hear them.


select pieces of anna’s work are available for purchase at nucleus. see anna’s website to view her complete collection, purchase other original works and contact her.


thank you anna!

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5 Responses to “anna higgie illustration: let’s chat!”

  1. Pav Says:

    These are stunning Gigi , great find. I love the one of the girl & the icecream(?) cone. Very enjoyable indeed

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi pav,

    i like that ice cream one too. it made me stare at it for a long time!

    thanks for stopping over, and btw those pieces you showed from natasha preenja are GORGEOUS!

  3. sosser Says:

    wow! that’s a lot of beautiful work. she has a fascinating eye for beauty with a twist. love the results!

  4. the scholar Says:

    hi sosser,

    twist! yes, i think so too. i find the fashion collection to be compelling, but seeing the progression of the mind’s ideas on the op-arty portraits is my favorite.

    thanks for the visit!

  5. Marta - Rawvolta Says:

    Her art is amazing..I am just in the process of discovery.

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