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posted by the scholar on April 15th, 2008
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there is so much strength in simplicity, and that is why i love the poetic composition in these terrific photographs from california artist carrie pollard. carrie’s pieces look like they’re full of stories and feel effortless and satisfying, like taking a walk with your best friend in the park on a spring day. ever curious to know more about the brains behind the operation, i decided to ask a few questions…


q: how did you get into photography?
a: my love of photography started in high school — roughly 10-12 years ago. at first, it started as a way to get out of class (lol) but then i really really started getting into it. i’ve taken many many classes on photography since then, and have done lots of portraits. i still love doing nature shots more than anything though.

i plan on being a full time photographer within three years.



q: what inspires your creativity?
a: blank walls! haha.

i would have to say that my creativity is inspired by nature. i love the outdoors and if i am inside you will find me looking outside. when i see a pretty scene, i want to share it with everyone!



see more of carrie’s collection here and purchase prints at her etsy shop.


thank you carrie!

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3 Responses to “carrie pollard photography: miniview”

  1. sosser Says:

    gorgeous photos! the ferris wheel is killing me

  2. the scholar Says:

    yep! LOVE that ferris wheel.. i got a thing for ferris wheel and carnival rides…

  3. Natasha Yanez Says:

    I love how the natural settings are brought into a sort of altered demension.
    That makes them look so much more spectacular!
    cross walk pic & boats are my favs…..
    I also Luv, Luv the kitties!

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