robert berguson illustrations

posted by the scholar on April 24th, 2008
filed under: art, illustration

when i look at these scribbly color pencil graphic illustrations from louisiana artist robert berguson, i am taken away to an odd place where alien life forms are solving complex math problems. either that, or they are sending me a calligraphic invitation to some fabulous martian party. my eyes want to follow the lines to conclude something from all the loose perfection, to complete an equation or rsvp, but nothing computes. either way, it’s more than fine by me.





see more at the cole pratt gallery.

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3 Responses to “robert berguson illustrations”

  1. Lauren Kilberg Says:

    Oh I like these, I really really like them! They are so simple, yet so complex. Really wonderful!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi lauren,

    i agree, there is an awful lot to look at, isn’t there? and i love the vast amounts of white space in his pieces — so unrushed and decadent.

    thanks for stopping by!

  3. Diane Reger Purifoy Says:

    response to “Robert Berguson’s Marks”
    i see a demention of time and space that
    few people even know exist. these marks
    send out a thousand questions about life and our purpose for being. unique, very
    unique. are the answers are in the marks?
    let’s look closely.

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