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posted by the scholar on April 26th, 2008
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o hai there. i’m so glad you’re here! i apologize for the lame amount of posts this week. i know i still owe you a flowery round up too. when i travel i have a really hard time keeping up with my (self-imposed) writing schedule, and i was traveling, am traveling and will continue to travel in fits and starts from now through mid june. don’t ask me why — that is just how things are working out (and it is lots of fun too)! i am planning to hit the writing hard on monday though, and this weekend i’m in michigan opening the cottage, but for now please enjoy some of the most popular posts from the week. as always you can click on the photo to read the article, and click on the hyperlinks beneath the photos to find out more about the artists, companies and items.


works on paper from bill frederick and 3 questions for lapomme


a great interview and excellent works in oil from from michelle armas

i want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy week to come by and see me. next week is going to be a big fabulous one here, so please stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “best of the week on roadside scholar”

  1. maryam in marrakesh Says:

    oooh, all that travel sounds super fun! I want to open a cottage, too!

  2. the scholar Says:

    hi maryam,

    well, it is fun, but not as exotic as your travels. 🙂

    you crack me up — i think when i get some more pictures i will put the place up here on this space and ask for some decorating tips…

    thanks for stopping by!

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