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holly grace art glass

look here at the stunning glass collection from australian artist holly grace. holly uses sandcarving and mouthblowing techniques to craft her gorgeous works, which are inspired in part by nature, period styles and scandinavian design.





see more beauty on holly’s website.

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snapshot sunday


best of the week on roadside scholar

o hai there. i’m so glad you’re here! i apologize for the lame amount of posts this week. i know i still owe you a flowery round up too. when i travel i have a really hard time keeping up with my (self-imposed) writing schedule, and i was traveling, am traveling and will continue to travel in fits and starts from now through mid june. don’t ask me why — that is just how things are working out (and it is lots of fun too)! i am planning to hit the writing hard on monday though, and this weekend i’m in michigan opening the cottage, but for now please enjoy some of the most popular posts from the week. as always you can click on the photo to read the article, and click on the hyperlinks beneath the photos to find out more about the artists, companies and items.


works on paper from bill frederick and 3 questions for lapomme


a great interview and excellent works in oil from from michelle armas

i want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy week to come by and see me. next week is going to be a big fabulous one here, so please stay tuned!

michelle armas paintings: let’s chat!


the world connects us in mysterious ways. you know how last week i interviewed suzanne shade of the beholder? it was so funny because in her answers she mentions the work of graphic designer michelle armas, who is one of the artists her gallery represents. the funny thing is i had contacted michelle and asked her for an interview before my interview with suzanne was complete. call it six degrees of separation or odd coincidence, but without further ado may i present these engrossing oil on canvas works. when i look at them i think that i could be anyplace at any moment, moving closer and closer to the canvas. there are sweeping curves and jagged peaks and wispy lines and cool splotches of color that are harmonious and flowing and make me wish i was in a gigantic room using my peripheral vision to see all of them at the same time, my eyes greedily scanning the corners and walls so as not to miss one bit of it all. let’s have a chat with michelle and find out more!


q: where do you live, and where do you create your art?
a: i live in a house in atlanta, and my studio is the whole top floor, the master bedroom, but who needs a huge bedroom? i have lots of natural light, that is great for painting, and just a few steps from the kitchen, very important. my intern coco (below) is frequently working with me too.



q: what is your background, and did you study art formally?
a: i have a masters of graphic design in branding. i moved to new york after i graduated and worked in branding and i really didn’t like it. i was way stressed out, so to feel better i started painting, and it kinda grew from there.


q: do you have a favorite medium to use?
a: i love oils so much, so fluid, i even love the smell, it is like there is some serious science going on when i smell that oil. but, i am experimenting with acrylics now too, they dry so much faster, and since i layer so much, i can make a whole painting in a few days, it changes how the end product looks. very cool.


q: do you think your painting style influences your graphic design work, or vice versa?
a: i am so much a graphic designer, i start with a concept or a story first, then explore basic shapes that communicate the idea, however abstract. then when i have a clear voice, i let go and just create. that is how i design too. i can’t just say, oh i want to do some flowers. it will end up looking crappy.


q: what is the price range of your collection?
a: very inexpensive actually. canvases around $400-$600, with prints from $20-$30. but i do have another project that i will reveal soon, that involves textiles.


q: what is your inspiration for these works? do you have a message you want to send through these pieces?
a: my first series was inspired by science. i am a huge science person, i love the idea of cells upon cells working together to create a body, and bodies together, very special to me. also i love history, i read historical books all the time, so i was researching early biologists and their reactions to the discovery of bacteria and single celled animals. how wonderful, i thought, to learn about these things that are all around, and how that would trigger your imagination. i don’t send messages really, i like to just create a fantastical environment, a place to let your brain just go and dream.


q: can we go to see your collection in person anywhere? are you currently exhibiting in any shows or is there anything else meaningful you would like to include here?
a: i am participating in a show at the tinlark gallery in september with some very talented artists via little paper planes. i keep selling paintings, that is good, but that makes it hard to have a permanent exhibition anywhere when i don’t have a very large body of work.


say hi to michelle on her blog, view her graphic design portfolio here and see more work from her in her etsy shop and (of course!) the beholder.


thanks michelle!

robert berguson illustrations

when i look at these scribbly color pencil graphic illustrations from louisiana artist robert berguson, i am taken away to an odd place where alien life forms are solving complex math problems. either that, or they are sending me a calligraphic invitation to some fabulous martian party. my eyes want to follow the lines to conclude something from all the loose perfection, to complete an equation or rsvp, but nothing computes. either way, it’s more than fine by me.





see more at the cole pratt gallery.

acme animal fun metal art

i think these funny tabletop sculptures and clocks from the canadian team of don gidley and sue parke are so much fun! i love the scratchy texture on all their handmade pieces and all the bright colors they use. you can really tell they enjoy making their delightfully whimsical collection.






find a wonderful assortment of don and sue’s work at uncommon goods, the human arts gallery, conversation pieces and maddi’s gallery.

rachel grimshaw ceramics

i do not frequently show non-functional ceramic art but i make the exception here for the minimally dynamic collection from uk artist rachel grimshaw. these slab-built pieces were inspired by architecture and natural forms found in arid desert areas, and are crafted from unglazed stoneware. i love the way the gritty textured pieces push and pull so nicely together.




see more works from rachel here.

marc hatfield impasto oil paintings

strolling through the narrow streets of the french quarter this last weekend, i happened across these magnificent paintings of arkansas artist marc hatfield. marc, who describes his style as representational expressionism, uses oil and a palette knife to create these thickly layered impasto works. his carefully selected scenes and subjects, things we pass everyday, are filled with rich, exaggerated action that leaps off the canvas as you look.




the style and technique that he uses has also been adopted by more than one artist selling their collections in the quarter, but i think marc does it best.

see more on marc’s website and if you are fortunate enough to find yourself in the crescent city, view them in person at the sterling gallery. i can assure you they are even more gorgeous in person (especially that piece in the top photo, which is an impressive 48″ x 48″ and truly, truly splendid)!

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