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posted by the scholar on May 10th, 2008
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hellooo, how’s it goin? it’s pretty good over here, because i am still celebrating my birthday! please enjoy a virtual piece of cake and a few highlights from the past seven days or so, just in case you missed it. you can click on the photos to read the posts and click on the links underneath them to find out more about the artists, items and companies.


spikey ceramic creations by claire palastanga and a goofy sleep mask

philippe_starck_monseigneur_easy_chair-225 chris_duffy_glo_canvas_chandelier_room_225

philippe starck’s monseigneur collection and chris duffy’s glo canvases


amazing bento box compositions from sakurako kitsa

thanks for all the friendly birthday wishes and your patience with my traveling whims. like i mentioned before i tend to lose my writing schedule when i am out gallivanting around the lower 48. and sometimes i wonder if i put too much pressure on myself to produce posts on a daily basis. i am just going to keep going though, and hope i don’t lose any readers in the process. this is still as fun to write as it was nearly a year ago when i started, and i have in large part all of you to thank for it! i wish you all a lovely weekend and hope to see you next week to share in more bright and colorful things.

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