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posted by the scholar on May 17th, 2008
filed under: clay, photography

hi dee ho friends, how are you doing today? i am up in michigan in the screened in room trying to relax. it is cold and i have a cold and did i mention that i am doing it anyway because it’s relaxing (when the wind isn’t tearing through you). here are some of the most popular posts from the week. as always you can click on the photo to read the article and click on the hyperlinks for more info about the artists, items or designers…


andrea moneta’s street photography


an interesting interview from canadian photographer jennifer squires


the runny bunny’s fun ceramics

thank you for taking time to click around and visit. i love it when you come over. i really do! next week will be as fun as this one if not more, so i hope if you have some time you will check in again!

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